Starting to really re-build everything.

Hey guys,
Were do I start? Well… It’s been awhile I guess. I have been hiding in the darkness of my little appartment… alone. Working myself to the bone at my job. Not because I have to… More because I enjoy what I am doing and it has been keeping my mind off some things. Enough about me though. You more probably want to hear about the servers.

EcoVille has been up for the past month or so if no one has been told of. It was really just a secret. It is 1:49am right now; January 5th. I guess 6th now. Technically. There are a lot of things wrong with the server and I am aware of the issues. Well some. This is were I come to you guys for help. I don’t have much time to play anymore and if you guys want to keep the servers up and running I need your feedback. I am re-designing the website and bringing everything as we speak. If you spot an issue or anything wrong send me a message with the contact form. I will be linking it to my phone so I will get the message on the go and if I am near my pc I can even fix it almost instantly! But. I need your help.

DoWhatEver. Is it coming back up? Yes. Should be up and running sometime this week. I have already re-opened the server and it is technically “up and running.” Just hidden. Just keep up with the website and I will shortly posting an ip that you guys can connect to and enjoy the free op you once loved.

I’m not sure how to say this. But I will no longer be accepting or handing out in-game donation privileges due to the new minecraft eula. I am sorry if that offends you or disappoints. If you would like to support the servers still though a donation page will be up shortly within the next few days as well.

Titan Reach. This server will be up… But not for another few weeks. It will be slightly merging with EcoVille. Not entirely but somewhat. Not entirely sure on how I would like to approach this situation just quite yet.

My Deep Apologizes for hiding without any words.
Best Regards,
Cord || Founder of

p.s. You guys mean the world to me and I want to make it up to you.

I dare you to play.