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Working hard.. ish.

Don’t remember where I left of last with you guys. Anyways this week has been great! I have been getting a lot of feedback from you guys and especially DoWhatEver. EcoVille is getting there too. For EcoVille you can expect a free roam world coming this week at some point! I plan to do more… just need some more recommendation! Don’t be afraid to leave a comment below. :)

But the real excitement is for DoWhatEver. Since donation ranks have to be eliminated, I have decided that we are going to give some of those donor perks to the players. WorldEdit. With that being said there will be limits and such just so you guys don’t go crazy turning the entire world into lava. You guys also recommended working tnt, flint and steel, more custom enchants, and disguisecraft. And there were a few bugs you guys threw at me. I have a lot of work to do but DoWhatEver is soon to have a lot of new changes!

Some news on the beloved TitanReach. Jk… You shall wait. 😉

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