How to get a staff position.

So I got a question today from a fellow player asking how to even get noticed to become a staff member. I thought it would be nice to share what I told him. Over the years of owning the servers I have got this question quite a lot and I never really took the time to really give them a formal-ish answer. So here it is. :)

“It is actually really easy to become staff on any server. The trick to getting staff, quick is knowing what to do and how to react to any situations. Making recommendations with value to improve and support the community around you. Asking for staff is almost a no right off the bat. Half the players that will ever join a server will ask for staff. So we can’t just say yes or even just look into one player to see if he is good enough. Instead we look for the players that play a lot, get along with the player around them, build something amazing that not only catches our attention but the players around them (Builder staff) and simply making suggestions or letting us know when we mess up some where. For Example if you notice there is a bug in the server… let us know… The more you let us know the better the server gets and the more attention you drag to yourself from the staff. With that being said though do not go hunting for the bugs. That will come off almost offensive or even we might look at you as a hacker.

P.S. Do not suck up or say how awesome the owner is. He already knows. Let the other staff have some glory too. A staff member can make recommendations for new recruits too. :)”

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