Little Update on stuffs.

Hey guys,
So! Good news. Few bugs fixed on EcoVille. I am going to try and get on as much as I possibly can for the next few days to figure out what is missing and such from all the servers. I noticed alot of the “Job” signs and EcoVille have been nulled. That has been fix. Next to do on my list is to create a free range build area on the server. Just have to do some cleaning first. :)

DoWhatEver!? It’s up and working. Just going to keep it hidden for a little bit longer while I look into any possible bugs. If you talk to any of the admins on EcoVille they maybe able to leak an ip? Maybe? Depends if they are in a giving mood I guess you could say.

Website. Been working hard on it. Pulled an all nighter completely redoing and making sure things were again working. There are still a lot of things that I have to add and such. It is very bland right now. Ick. I know. :) Well that is all I have to say and hope you guys stick around to see more coming soon!

Best Regards,
Cord || Founder of

P.S. The contact form/page is working. If you have any issues with anything feel free to contact me with it or even leave a comment below!



  • can you plzzz op me plzzz can you???

    • Please don’t ask for op. If you want op please obtain it in the DWE server,

      ~ ringpolice, DWE Head-Admin+

    • delicious she is ..Glad things are geittng better and better and glad the poop is flowing(not flowing poop, but just that it is flowing) LOLHopefully the flight goes better than expected, but just keep reminding yourself it is a limited amount of time, it will end and most importantly you will NEVER see any of those people again and the doors do not open at 35,000 feet. Hopefully you will have a good crew. Buy some magazines for the stateside portion of your trip and give them to the F/A’s and you will have instant friends. It is so awesome to see your two girls together, and we will look forward to geittng down to Austin in the fall and meeting both of them!!!

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