Will the banning ever stop!?

Ok, ok. If you have ever tried to play on DoWhatEver in the past few months you will know what I mean. The banning has gotten out of hand recently. We are not even the ones banning and this is what makes it ten times more awesome. It is you guys. Yea… You know who you are.. Meanies <3 Anyways, it has gotten so bad it has gotten so bad we have to clean the ban list at least twice a day. I apologize in advance if you got banned. We are asking for your help to stop this. Every time we remove a ban command, a new one appears. So. We need your help to find all the commands related to banning someone and post them in the comments below! You can do this anonymously or give out your name but, it would be a great help to improve the server!

Off topic notes:
– Just a few other little update… EcoVille now has a free roam world. No longer just a flat world. (/warp wild) Let us know how you like it.
– You can now get free premium! “/buy” in-game or visit (
– We tried free owner for a day to everyone it got a little out of hand. So we are going to be doing a “Free4AllFriday” Starting March 20th and it consists of free donor owner for 24 hours upon activation. If all goes well we may add other things. All depends on how you guys react and such! :)

Again if you guys want to see more out of me just leave a comment below and let me know. I can’t help you if I don’t know how.

Good talk, I got work to do though. See’ya guys!
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